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filthy rats

It's official. With all the kits and bitz I've been buying to start off my plague tower and further corrupt my existing army, I now have enough minis to make quite a skaven army. Several dozen "regular" type warriors/ hq/ large rat bases (leftovers from a flea market purchase a few years back), half a dozen rat ogres (for creating Lost and the Damned large mutants), lightning cannon, doomwheel parts, globadiers, I've even got some Krootox-sized rats in the works for my chaos lord. Heh, let's not forget the multiple screaming bells I'll be needing for the tower and contagions. Heh, I've got rats on the brain, gnawing right to the bone. All these skaven, I feel so dirty. It may seem impossible, but I think I now have more rats than greenskins.
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