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Suffer not the witch to live.

So, the guys at Games Workshop made me come in Thursday evening for their dreadnought bash. To their surprise, I brought in five dreadnoughts of varied degrees of completion to show off. And though I had a game legal (though scrap-built) Dark Angels Dreadnought, they said I should use my more visually impressive Nurglenought (the one I use for my LJ icon). they used simplified rules to make the game go faster, which was good considering I really don't know how to play anymore. It's was a lot of fun, and as it turned out... I was last man standing. As a prize, I chose an acolyte W/ cheryb (it's late, can't spell) blister. Which brings me to my next subject...
I'm starting a Witch Hunters army, leaning toward puritan, spent around $400 on it already this week (well, I will have once I get that immolator in the morning). I decided I'm going to start playing, and needed an army worthy of pitting against my Nurgle traitor guard. I figure it's an army that looks so good already that I'm not going to have to spend much time converting the figures (except the damn CCWs off of the penitent engines, I'm giving them hammers!), which also means I'll still have plenty of time to work on my Plague Tower.
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