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Another work in progress

Just another "little" project I'm working on until I get another job to support my Plague Tower project. My Nurgle Land Barge (or as my father called it "the station wagon"). Until about a week ago, this thing still had the original sponson rigs on it, but with bitz-bashed dual heavy flamers instead of las-cannons (I didn't much care for either really). It also had two platforms on the front extended out over the tracks, and though it could be driven by Chaos, I had previously replaced the engine on the back with a large Basilisk-like platform. I came to realize that last part was a big mistake, but with the old engine already mounted on my Inquisitorial Chimera, I needed an alternative. I ended up extending the rear end with plasticard and a Chimera exit hatch which had actually been on the Land Raider before re-reconstruction as a passage to the rear platform. While looking through ForgeWorld products, I took a liking to their Pre-Heresy Land Raider Kit, but having bad luck with previous kits and now having only need for the sponsons, I built my own with more plasticard(each equipped w/ a single multimelta). The face on this is about two years old (yes, that's a battle cannon), so it needs some serious fixing up, as well as some of the "infested" areas.I really like how my missile launcher is turning out, unique. I promise the spiky growths will look better once I get some more putty.





You guys working on anything?
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