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Most people buy a car, but...

The Power of Nugles compels me...

I've been searching though the new 2004-2005 Games Workshop Catalog Lately. Three days and six sheets of paper later, I've come up with a master list of sorts. You see, I've got this idea in my head, and it won't let me forget about it. I have to make a Plague Tower of Nurgle, but for 40k scale gaming. I tell you now that it will be next year's(2005) Golden Demon winning model at LA GamesDay. I ordered the first page of parts today, it only came out to $192.25. Each page of parts is more expensive than the one before it. The last page, being all boxed sets that I'm going to try to get off Ebay, is $643. Altogether it's somewhere around $1800 if I were to buy it all at full price. With all the extra bitz I'll have when I'm done, I hope to make a Contagion to go along with it.
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